Bleaching your teeth at home

There are several ways to whiten your teeth at home. One way is to either the dentist or a dental clinic making dental impressions on you and then produces mouth trays specially designed for you. The actual bleaching is done in such a way that one applies a whitening gel into strips and then attached to the teeth and let the whitening gel work for some time. This part, do often at home using the mouth trays that you have made, read more about tooth whitening at the dentist. A kit with specially designed mouth trays + whitening gel usually cost a few hundred dollars.

The alternative is to buy a home kit on the Internet, when you produce your own mouth trays by adding a mouth tray in warm water which you can then shape by biting in, this is much cheaper method than going to the dentist. Whitening gel that you get with home kit is often exactly the same as you buy more expensive at the dentist or dental clinic. The gel that whitens teeth with it usually contains kerbamidperoxid as active ingredients. This gives a result that can last for several years, but may cause tooth sensitivity during and slightly after the process.

You choose the pace at which you want to whiten your teeth, we usually recommend that you have on the rails with the whitening gel in about half an hour to start with and then increase that time if you feel comfortable with it - up to two hours. This process repeat until you reach the shade you are happy with. You do not need to bleach every day but can do it one day a week, you notice the results only after a few rounds of bleaching.
Teeth whitening can be done at home can be found mainly in various web shops online. You will also find many advertising banners for teeth whitening at home on various sites, as well as sellers on eBay, for example, or book that sells teeth whitening. One recommendation is that said that you first check that the seller of tooth bleaching is for home use are reputable and have good products. You can do this by example, look for previous buyers reviews.

Many believe that it is dangerous to whiten teeth at home. However, it is more of a myth! As long as you follow the directions and do not use too strong bleaching gel to begin with, there is no danger to you and your teeth. Scientific studies show extremely small changes in the enamel surface. These small changes can not hurt your teeth. They can be compared with what happens to the enamel after you drank a Coca Cola.